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About us

Our company offers complex solutions for projects in areas of technical equipment of building with consent of the investor’s wishes, building expenses, economical functioning and the latest trends. The goal of our technical solutions is to have technical proposals of buildings reflect the job assignment while being fully functional for all construction professions. Our proposals address the construction as a complex system with using each construction profession optimally.

In the partnership between our contractors in the area of design and complex delivery and our own systems, we provided HVAC projections:

- Design in civil engineering
- Complete building services: sanitary, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical and instrumentation
- Design of low energy buildings and complete systems for energy saving
- Coordination of engineers, workers and technical supervision

We provide complete project documentation in the field of building equipment for the range:

- Stage design and construction concepts
- Documentation for the issue of land use
- Documentation for building approval
- Tender documentation and cooperation in the selection of a construction contractor
- Implementation documentation
- Coordinating the activities of all the project documentation
- Processing of technical, operational regulations and manuals of contraction
- Technical supervision during contract
- Consulting and advising activity
- Simulation and creation of microclimate models
- Technical measurements of microclimate
- Solutions for individual requests of investor

Advantages from working with us:

- Professional coordination of projects
- Short construction time of the project
- Minimizing of expenses
- Savings in internal capacities
- Guarantee of successful project outcome